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Juristat Examiner

Juristat's Examiner Reports allow patent prosecutors to use the power of big data to predict the future.  They provide actionable insights that help patent practitioners impress clients, partners, and patent examiners.  

Whether you're in-house or prosecuting patents for multiple clients at a firm, our Examiner Reports provide extensive insights into your patent examiner's past behavior.

juristat etro

Juristat Etro helps patent professionals keep applications out of particularly difficult classes and tech centers.

By analyzing claim language, Etro allows patent drafters to predict an application’s tech center and class before filing. Put another way, Etro uncovers claim language that increases the probability of being assigned to low-allowance classes.  

Juristat Epiphany

Experience the most comprehensive competitive patent analytics tool available.

This premium tool allows you unlimited access to your firm or company's USPTO performance metrics and those of other firms and companies.  Find out where you excel, where there's room for improvement, and how you stack up against the competition with Juristat Epiphany.