All of our clients have unique needs and we work with them to customize the services we provide. Our pricing is on a case-by-case basis and is specifically tailored to our individual clients. 

For more information, contact sales.

Pricing FAQs

How long are your contracts?

Our contracts are offered on an annual basis and you have the option to pay monthly or you can pay the full annual amount up front. 

Can I buy just one Examiner Report?

Our Examiner Reports are only available to our current annual subscribers or to individuals on a free trial

How do I sign up?

Start with our 14 day free trial. From there, you can explore our suite of analytics and get more information on which products are the best fit for your practice.  

Do you offer student or educational discounts?

Unfortunately, we can't offer student or educational discounts at this time.

Can I add additional access later?

Sure. At any time during your contract, we're happy to show you new tools and add those to your subscription. 

Make sure to follow our blog for announcements about new products and features.

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