Often, the answer is yes, but we haven't put it into a client-facing product just yet. Please let us know if there's information you're looking for in our products and you're not sure if it's there.

Using Filters to Get the Information You Need

Many times our reports can be filtered in such a way as to drill down to the information you're looking for. Our Examiner Reports and Business Intelligence Reports have a robust set of filters to narrow the information presented to what you're really interested in.

In addition to date, art unit, tech center, and class, the "other" filter allows you to include or exclude certain types of applications. For example, you can choose to see only continuations, CIPs, or reexaminations, or exclude all child applications from your data set.

Custom Analytics

Using filters allows you to tailor your results significantly.  However, if you want additional information that's not available in the application, you may be interested in API and/or Private Pair access.  This is an addition to a Juristat subscription and we're happy to talk you through its capabilities and how you can use it to run your own custom analytics to enhance your practice. For more information, contact us.

Lastly, please let us know what data you're most interested in. Juristat is extremely responsive to its customers' suggestions and feedback we receive has a way of making it into future product enhancements.

Still have questions?  Head back to our help center, or email us at support@juristat.com.