Often, the answer is yes, but we haven't put it into a client-facing product just yet. Please let us know if there's information you're looking for in our products and you're not sure if it's there.

Many times our reports can be filtered in such a way as to drill down to the information you're looking for. Our Examiner Reports and Business Intelligence Reports have a robust set of filters to narrow the information presented to what you're really interested in.

For our subscribers, we're happy to provide you with data you aren't able to immediately access through our suite of products. For example, a large law firm client was looking for the allowance rates, number of applications examined, and timing metrics for every examiner that had been assigned applications in USPC class 435. We were able to pull that data together and get them the results they needed within two hours.

Lastly, please let us know what data you're most interested in. Juristat is extremely responsive to its customers' suggestions and feedback we receive has a way of making it into future product enhancements.