Juristat Tip: While you can enter as much claim text as you'd like, Juristat's analysis has shown that only the first claim is strongly correlated with class and tech center assignment.

Using Juristat's Drafting tool to give your patent application the best chances of getting assigned to a favorable tech center or class begins with your claim text.  Enter as much or as little of your claim text as you would like into the Claims Editor and click "Classify" to see your predicted tech centers and classes. 

Hey, what are those numbers next to the key words? It's an indication of the amount of influence a particular word has on our prediction. The number can be indefinitely high, but in general, higher numbers mean the word is more strongly associated with an assignment to the selected class, art unit or tech center. This determination is based on the TF-IDF search methodology.

Scroll down to the "Classification Results" section and use the tabs to switch between your class and tech center probabilities. Toggling between the two also changes the keywords and predictions that appear next to the claims editor.

In the "Classification Results" section, you can see key metrics associated with any of your predicted classes or tech centers. Click on any class to see the most frequent five art units for that class.  

From here, you can decide if you want to alter your claim language based on Drafting's predictions using Juristat's Suggestion Engine. Select your preferences with the arrows next to your predictions to get suggestions for alternative words that have a lower correlation coefficient with your predicted class or tech center.

The suggestions have correlation coefficients to help you reach your specified goals. In this example, we've indicated that we'd like to move away from Tech Center 3600 and toward Tech Center 2100. The selected word will highlight in the claims editor to help you locate the number of times that word appears. You can edit the words directly in the claims editor, or clicking on any suggested word will automatically replace all.

Once you've made your changes, click "Classify" again to see Drafting's new predictions. Remember that subscribers have unlimited access, so edit and click "Classify as much as you'd like to continue to modify Drafting's predictions.

Check out our demo video to see a full example of editing claims text in Drafting.


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