Juristat Search is a powerful tool for finding potential clients or outside counsel, especially when used in conjunction with Business Intelligence. This help article will show you some simple steps to take to find opportunities for your organization, whether you're with a firm or in-house.


Finding Potential Clients

One of the best ways to get the most out of both Juristat Search and Business Intelligence is to use them to figure out what areas your firm files in the most, or where your firm performs well, and what potential clients frequently file in those areas.

To find out where your firm files the most (and who else is filing in those areas), head to Juristat Search.  You'll see a series of filters on the left side of the screen.  


Juristat Search Firm Filter

Juristat Search Firm Filter

Step 1: Head to the "Firm" filter and select your firm.

You'll see an application count next to the name, indicating the total number of applications available for your selected firm.

Don't see your firm listed? Start typing your firm's name in the search box and select your firm when it appears in the search results.

Once you've selected your firm, the search results will update and only show applications prosecuted by your firm.


Juristat Search USPC Filter

Juristat Search USPC Filter

Step 2: Navigate to the "Art Unit" or "USPC" filters.  Once you click the drop down for one of those filters, you'll see application counts next to them. Those application counts show the number of applications your firm has prosecuted in each art unit or class.

Choose one of the three filters and select the top few results (or select classes or art units in which your firm wants to grow its practice).


Step 3: Head back to the Firm filter we used in Step 1 and unselect your firm.


Juristat Search Assignee Filter

Juristat Search Assignee Filter

Step 4: Take a look at the Assignee filter. You'll notice that the application counts have updated and are now displaying the assignees that file the most in the art units or classes you selected in Step 2.  

You can also search for additional assignees under the Assignee filter. This will give you a list of firms that you can target to get more work in your areas of strength.


Step 5: After identifying some target clients using Steps 1-4, use Juristat's Business Intelligence tool to see how your firm stacks up to your potential clients' current performance.

Make sure to filter both your firm's report and your potential client's report to the same classes or art units you selected in Steps 1-4.

Finding Outside Counsel

To find the best outside counsel for your company, simply follow the five steps above, but instead of selecting a firm in step 1, use the assignee filter to select your entity.  

After you unselect your entity in Step 3, you'll see what firms file the most in your selected art units or classes. You can then proceed to Business Intelligence to research each firm's performance.


More questions?  Just ask us or return to the help center.

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