Our Philosophy

Transparency, Predictability, and Equity

At Juristat, we believe the U.S. patent system should be more transparent, predictable, and equitable. This belief drives every algorithm we write and every product we sell. We strive to help our clients know what is “coming around the corner.” Only in such a system can our society optimally balance the need of protecting intellectual property rights and encouraging innovation.

Driven to Innovate

We think “we’ve always done it this way” is a terrible reason not to try new tools, new processes, and new strategies. The legal world is changing, and we are helping clients stay on the cutting edge. This means we are always trying new technologies and techniques to improve our data visualizations and analytics. We push new and improved versions of our software weekly, so keep checking back for improvements.

Quantified Success

In an analysis of patent applications filed by our clients, we found that those using Juristat to drive prosecution decisions had greater success.

We reviewed our client’s applications that had reached a final disposition over the course of a year. Our analysis found that, when the practitioners used a Juristat report or analytic, their applications were allowed 78.7% of the time. Applications that did not use Juristat were allowed 68% of the time.

The significance of the difference between the two groups is apparent — a higher allowance rate can translate to greater client satisfaction and increase the likelihood of repeat representation.

Our analysis also showed that Juristat clients lost fewer claims between publishing and allowance, had greater success on appeal, and reached allowance faster when they used a Juristat report or analytic.

Download the full white paper to see detailed findings and analyses and find out how Juristat has helped clients maximize their patent prosecution results.

Our Clients

Being able to view Examiner allowance rates, and more importantly, have those broken down by individual action and rejection type, allows us to be prepared to effectively plan an office action response . . . In short, we would definitely recommend Juristat for any patent practitioners.
— Jeffrey Schox, Partner, Schox PLC
Information is often only usable when it’s actionable and explainable. Juristat’s graphics make it easy for me not only to see the course of action to suggest, but to explain to a client why.
— Kirk Damman, Partner, Lewis Rice
It’s difficult for small clients without internal patent counsel to have a baseline of expectations. Using Juristat, metrics that come from an established third-party, to help manage expectations can be crucial.
— Jonathan Miller, Nicholson De Vos Webster & Elliott LLP
When responding to RFPs, finding the right stats to answer detailed questions is time-consuming. Juristat helped us find what we needed in a couple of hours, and our response is much more strategic than it would have been without the data.
— Kaitlyn Schnackenberg, Department Marketing Manager at Polsinelli
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